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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lighting Strikes Susan Tedeschi Twice

Artist: Susan Tedeschi
Title: Wait For Me

In 1989 a six-year sober Bonnie Raitt bedazzled a beleaguered music industry with the multi- platinum, multi-Grammy album, 'Nick of Time.' After more than twenty years, Raitt had finally struck gold. The "sound" of Raitt's wagon-load of Grammy album was not new - her refreshed pop sense with a blues base got her on the radio airplay but it was the ballads that struck a nerve with listeners. For the next decade Raitt would be the world's darling lending her bully pulpit to social & environmental causes.

Upon the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan in August 1990, Raitt would add the weight of being the blues only major cross-over artist on her slim shoulders. Thanks to the momentum of Stevie Ray Vaughan, 'the blues' art-form was vibrant throughout the '90's. As the impact of downloading and burning began to reverberate, major labels sang the blues over financial losses. As result, labels cut artists and ad budgets. Consequently the blues' popularity has been on the down-swing since the new millennium.

Tone Cool's Susan Tedeschi may provide the thumb in the dike to stem the blues' ebbing popularity. For a blues album to sell 50,000 units is a smashing success. Tedeschi's last album, Just Won't Burn, sold more than ½ million albums. With the release of her newest effort (November 19th), Wait For Me, Tedeschi will surely substantially best her last effort. It's a terrific album jam packed with superb vocal performances, strong songs, and excellent arrangements. Included on the album are two previously released tracks. 'In the Garden' appeared on Double Trouble's latest release (along with a cover of Led Zeppelin's, 'Rock -n- Roll.' 'Baby You're Right' appears on Tedeschi's husband Derek Trucks' latest stellar release, Joyful Noise.' A nephew of Allman Brothers bass player 'Butch' Trucks, Derek Trucks played with the Allman Brothers Band for much of last year with Tedeschi's band opening.

Consequently, Tedeschi's sound has matured substantially into a more rock oriented sound. Like Raitt's, Nick of Time, Tedeschi has mixed tasty ballads with upbeat rockers. Tedeschi is backed by a smoking guitar and humping organ (players unknown at this time). Also covered on the album is Dylan's, 'Don't Think Twice.' While blues purists continue to embrace Tedeschi, 'Wait for Me' is sure to be a cross-over hit that rock fans are going to relate. While today's helter-skelter music world leaves it up to anyone's guess, it will be interesting to see if radio 'gets it' and hops on board a sure thing early in the cycle or will it wait?

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